Rose City Nazarene Church Re-Opening Plan



           By now you have probably heard that Multnomah County is re-open in Phase 1. This undoubtedly raises the question for churches as to when we will open. As we have seen, when a church, or other gathering spot, rushes to open, the consequences can be profound. With that said, your church board met and discussed when do we re-open, and how do we re-open?
                After much discussion, we have decided that we are going to wait until our board meeting in July to make the final decision as to when we open. There are several reasons for this.
                First, the state and county have shown themselves to be somewhat unpredictable as to the actual opening. With the Governor putting a “pause” on the re-opening plan, many businesses and churches that were planning to re-open had to stop and wait. We are choosing to wait a month and see how the Phase 1 goes and if it stays open. Second, our district leadership has cautioned all churches to not rush the re-opening process and has urged caution and thoughtfulness.
                With the new requirement of masks for all in public spaces, we have made the decision that we will require masks on ALL individuals. The ONLY people that masks will not be required for will be toddlers and small children (under 4). We will provide disposable masks, and here comes the uncomfortable apart…anyone that refuses to wear a mask will be denied entry to the building.


  1. When given clearance from the District AND the county, we will open for full services IN the building. Until then, streaming will be our main form of sermon delivery. PLEASE continue to be faithful with your giving, if not sacrificial. No matter what, live streaming will continue even after we are fully open. 

  2. When we get the “OK” to open, we will open fully with just a few modifications. When Multnomah County gets approved for Phase 1, we will begin holding services IN the building.

  3. Masks will be required for all who attend while in the building. Masks are not required for children 4 years and under. 

  4. The coffee cart will NOT open, there will NOT be any coffee or water served of any kind. The water fountains will not be available for use (this will be temporary). Please be sure to bring your own coffee, water etc..

  5. We WILL take attendance of all that are in the building (for contact tracking requirements should someone test positive).  

  6. ALL surfaces will be sanitized heavily before every service.

  7. Bathrooms will have no more than 2 at the same time. We have 3 bathrooms, if others are in the main ones, please use the bathroom in the hall.

  8. In the beginning, the main doors will be entrance ONLY. The doors between the sound booth and kitchen (as well as the kitchen) will temporarily serve as exits to our parking lot.

  9. Our furniture and back wall will be reserved for elderly individuals that want to keep distance, but can not or do not want to walk to the front of the room.

  10. We ask that if ANYONE feels sick in ANY way, PLEASE stay home. This should be the case even without the COVID reality. If at ANY time anyone feels sick, do NOT come and share your germs. PLEASE stay home.

  11. The kids’ room and kitchen will not be open for use. 

                 In the coming days I will post a video showing how the entrance and exits will work during the Phase 1. When the county enters Phase 2, we will drop our restrictions because they will no longer apply.


Thank You for your patience, support, and understanding.


Pastor Dan


225 NE. 80th Ave.
Portland, OR 97213


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