Free COVID counselling services are now being offered.  To help those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, suicide ideation or other complications associated with COVID-19 isolation.

Dan Waits M.S.W is a cognitive behavioral based counselor, specializing in individual, marriage and family services. These services are offered on a donation basis as a ministry of Rose City Nazarene Church. Therefore, your per session donation will help our counseling services remain available to as many people as possible. Donations are based on a sliding fee scale, taking into consideration each personal situation on a case by case basis. 

*Addiction and addiction recovery services are not offered.

Your per session donation is based on a sliding fee scale.  You MUST provide proof of gross annual income for all immediate family members living in your household. 

Acceptable forms of Income Verification are:

  • Recent Federal Tax Return.

  • IRS Form W-2 or 1099 from each source of income.

  • Four (4) Current and subsequent Pay Stubs from each source of income.


Call to schedule an appointment

225 NE 80th Ave. 

Portland, OR 97213