10,000 Reasons

September 22nd, 2014
by DW

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Current Teaching Series; The Habits of Happiness

June 17th, 2014
by DW



Happiness Habits

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Dan’s Air Plane Adventure…hang in there…

February 17th, 2014
by DW
So I’m going to see my Mom in Arizona and get to my plane (barely, I was one of THOSE people). I find my row and seat to discover I have a small window seat; I don’t mind because I LOVE to see the beautiful city of Portland from the air. We take off and I get the thrill as we rapidly rise and a slight smile across my face as I begin to see more and more of the city. It is incredible. I name the major streets and freeways in my mind, glance toward Mt. Hood knowing I can’t see it, but it is there. When we get into the clouds everything changed. My smile was gone, and I had ONE thought over and over. By the way, you know those blinking lights at the end of the wing? As I looked out the window that blinking light was all I could see in the middle of a raging storm. In each flash of the light all I could see was a fierce rain and wind storm that was rocking the plane. That’s when I had my thought…ready? This scene right here, the rain in the blinking light is the EXACT scene I see in EVERY plane crash, or plane tragedy movie of any kind. I didn’t say the thought was pleasant.
  Suddenly a light pops on that illuminated almost the entire engine casing, at least what I could see of it. I found myself comforted by a more substantial light. NOTHING had changed. The wind still blew, the rain still poured, and the plane still rocked, but my “thought” was gone. I noticed that I was oddly comforted and actually felt safer. In my mind I muttered something about Jesus being the Light of the world, a light for my feet, but it was really more of a passing thought to be honest.
  I opened my Kindle and began to read in the dark (fearing that the pre-teens next to me would think me a jerk…or Lord forbid that our legs might brush. Don’t think I’ve ever quite had a very polite “excuse me” and a sense of the other person being grossed out. And yes, I showered.). After some time I looked up and out the window, sunrise was on display. It was magnificent! I was actually filled with a sense of joy! It was beautiful. No wind that I could feel. No rain, and still in the plane. Situation was largely unchanged. But I felt joy. In a very weird way, I was sort of embarrassed that though I was in the same seat, my thoughts had gone from doom and gloom to pure joy looking out of the same window, going the same direction, with the same blinking light. That thought about Jesus being the Light of the world came back to my mind.
  I started to think of all the talk we have been doing about following Jesus, and I thought of a question. Why do we as believers always talk only about Jesus being a light to a dark world? When we mention it in church about ourselves, it’s almost shameful at how weak it all seems. What I felt looking at the sunrise was powerful and very real!
  What if we as followers of Jesus have missed the point of the whole “light” thing? I seriously doubt Jesus created that beautiful sunrise for Himself – he IS Light…He doesn’t need it. I did. What if (stick with me) your smile, your simple “hello,” your out-of-the-way-in-a-hurry “How’s your day?” is the same as a sunrise to another person? What if these glorious sunrises serve as our example of what we bring having Jesus in us and through us to a world largely looking out the same windows, but maybe seeing only a storm in the dark?

  Next time you see an awesome sunrise or sunset and find yourself saying, “WOW!” Add one thing to that “WOW…” “Lord, thank you for the example! Who do YOU want me to give it to?”

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